Экспрессивно-стилистические соответствия в переводе

(New York Herald Tribune)

Задание № 24


При переводе этого текста все приемы лексико-грамматиче-ской и экспрессивной трансформации должны подчиняться стилю живой разговорной речи.

If I could see her for two nights...

"My wife," said Peter, not knowing why he was talking, feeling his tongue too loose from the drinking that has been continuous since six that evening, "my wife is a woman of admirable character, although I don't remember what she looks like. Her name is Anne. She works for the Air Ministry in Manchester. After Dunkirk, I was stationed on the beach at Dover for five months. I used to manage to get away week ends. We'd just stay in our room and just look at each other. After France... I felt as though my wife had healed me of a dreadful disease. She healed me of mud and death and friends dying on all sides. She's most beautiful, but I don't remember what she lool<s like. She's very calm and simple and her voice is low, although I don't remember that, either. I sent her my photograph today. Six years is too long for a man to expect a woman to remember him. Someone ought to tell Parliament that... Don't you think?

1 В заливе.Кочинос (Залив свиней), иа Кубе, произошла организованная американским ЦРУ высадка кубинских эмигрантов-контрреволюционеров, окончившаяся их позорным разгромом (в апреле 1961 года).

Joice was staring at him, her mouth frozen to one side. "Yes," she said.

"If I could only see her for two nights ... Right before I came out here. I was moved to another beach. It was raining. Autumn and miserable and barbed wire at the high-tide marks and mines all over the beaches. I called her long distance and she told me she had a week and asked me if she should come down. I told her no. It was so miserable. Cheap little shaks waiting for Germans in the rain 1 knew we were leaving for Africa and I didn't want our last days together to be dreary, in that abominable place. I told her no, but she said. "You wait right there. I'm coming down tonight."

Suddenly, above the dance music in" the valley of the Nile, Peter remembered what his wife's voice sounded like, merry and sensual and confidently commanding over the faulty wires on that autumn night on a wet beach of the English Channel.

"She came down and we had the week together, and the rain and the barbed wire made no difference at all. I've never been so gay, and it was early in the war, and we always had a coal fire and hot rum and lovely heavy breakfasts, with the curtains still drawn." He was talking straight ahead to the Pyramids in the ancient desert darkness now, not to the silly, bare shouldered girl across the table. "I haven't heard from her in two months," he shrugged. "After the war I'm going to go in for politics. I'm going to stand to Parliament. There must be somebody in Parliament who knows what a war is like, who knows that one war is enough, six years is too much..."

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