Rosemary wrote that we cannot "expect anything but reactionary policies from the N. A. S.", but she must have overlooked conference reactions on immigrant children, on a code of safety and health for schools — moved by my legal association — on overcrowding of colleges of education, for a teachers' general control, etc.

A real assessment of the trends and currents in any body demands careful study, as there are conservative and progressive tendencies in all organizations, including those of teachers. (T. Strachan, Merthyr, Tydfil)

(Morning Star, April 18, 1967)


"End Caning" Appeal by Teachers

Communist teachers have been urged to engage in a patient and persistent campaign to convince their colleagues of the need to ban all physical punishment. This call comes from the Communist Party's national educational advisory committee, which in a statement issued yesterday recognized that difficulties in many schools caused teachers increased stress and worry.

"We believe that these difficulties arise in the main from large classes, inadequate facilities, the presence of emotionally disturbed pupils who need special care and attention and of children with difficult home circumstances," it said. "These difficulties could be overcome by improved conditions in schools and really effective child welfare service.."

Physical punishment, however, was no solution to any of those problems, added the statement. It recognized "that there may be occasions when it is necessary for teachers to, exercise physical restraint on pupils to prevent violence or deliberate disruption."

The Committee has called on Communist teachers fully to support the local educational authorities which favour the panning of physical punishment. "When local educational authorities have taken steps to ban physical punishment in their schools with-

out consultation with teachers we should Support their decision but demand that consultation should take place," said the statement.

(Morning Star, January 25, 1971, p. 5) VI

Did good work — get caned

A nervous small boy whom his teacher thought needed encouragement was sent to the headmaster with a piece of good work. He was unable to tell the headmaster why he was sent and was caned, returning to the classroom in tears.

This story is told in "Education Today and Tomorrow", journal of Communist Party's education advisory committee. In an article of the need for STOPP, the Society of Teachers Opposed ~ to Physical Punishment, Susan Turner declares that corporal punishment is not dying out quickly enough in our schools. She describes a number of incidents in which children were caned. Boys scooping newspapers noisily when clearing a classroom after an ait lesson were caned by the headmaster when he walked in and found them at their task.

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