Передача модальности при переводе

In fact, those who paid his fare to Moscow believed that his presence there would be so unpopular politically in America that they had tried before his triumph to keep it dark. A triumph for a Texas lad, certainly.

But even more a triumph for those who have stoutly advocated that music transcends frontiers and ideologies. It is a vindication of all those efforts to promote cultural exchanges with the aim of thawing mutual suspicion through contact and familiarity

Son of a minor oil company executive and of a talented piano teacher Van Cliburn learned to read musical notes before he could read letters.

By age of twelve he had decided he must win a gold medal in Moscow because his idol Rachmaninov had been awarded one when he graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire.

By 1956 he had won the coveted Leventritt Award and had played in some 30 concerts with several of America's first-rank orchestras, but his demand slumped.

As other young instrumentalists he had discovered there was too much competition in the "concert jungle". He got into debt and even had to play for his meals in a Manhattan restaurant.

Then in April he heard of the Tchaikovsky piano competition in Moscow. He entered and against 40 competitors from 20 countries he won it with both hands down.

The conquest of the "boy from the South", as the Russians called him, was complete. ^

Over 1,500 fans stood for a ten-minute ovation. In Leningrad they queued for three days and nights to hear him Moscow television gave the whole of his prize-winning performance (plus encores) instead of the first half, as originally intended.

He is a friendly young man, who says of the Russians: "They remind me of my Southern people." The adulation has not gone to his fair curly head

Says Sir Arthur Bliss: "If, like fine -wine, he can mature slowly but somewhat secretly, he'll be a great artist. But if he is affected by the immense publicity he's gained, he'll be like many other prize-winners — he'll have a brief period of glory and be spoiled."

Those who know him best say this is unlikely to happen, for the sake of millions who want to hear fine music finely played, it must not. Van must be allowed to develop his career begun with such magnificent promise, as one of his country's greatest cultural ambassadors.

Прежде чем переводить эту статью, следует прочитать в главе VII раздел о переводе метафор. Во фразе: A talent of such dimensions that it could span the canyon of suspicion индивидуальный вариант стандартной метафоры: to span the abyss, to span the gap и др. в переводе, конечно, пропасть недоверия, а не подозрения.

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