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4. The laborer needs regulation against any sort of overtime work. The output of factories might and could be effectively limited and made more uniform. Yet can any of these reforms be put through without a complete change in the form of government? (Th. Dreiser. Tragic America)

5. Who are those men who suck all the wealth from the body of America? Mere nobodies, in fact. Nothing comes out of them except the collection of money and more money for their families and groups. They do not invent anything — in fact, they spend a great deal of the efforts seeing to it that the inventions of others shall not see the light of day, while the inventors are never heard of (Hi Dreiser. America is Worth Saving)

6. She clenched her teeth so that she should not cry. (W. Somerset Maugham. Of Human Bondage)

7. You will have heard the news, I believe. No, perhaps you have not. You arrived only yesterday. (A. Christie. Poirot Investigates)

Переведите данный текст и напишите реферат-конспект (см. задание № 27 седьмой главы),

Ambassador of Music

Outsize hands, each with 12-note span instead of the normal octave. A talent of such dimensions that it spans the canyon of suspicion between two worlds.

Both belong to Harvey Lavan Cliburn (just Van for short and pronounced Clighburn), a name that is sure to make the headlines next week in our newspapers, as it has done elsewhere.

For tomorrow in the Albert Hall a London audience will be able to judge for itself whether the 23-year old concert pianist from Texas merits the euloges of the composers, top performers and music critics, and the highly emotional acclaim with which he has been received by the public both in the Soviet Union and America.

What cold-war Jeremiah could have prophesied that in the spring 1958 — with John Foster Dallas still snarling at all things out of the East —that Soviet women would cry openly during the performance of a white American from the Deep South? That in Leningrad, for example, a woman would slump in her seat in a dead faint at Van Cliburn concert. That strangers in the streets of Moscow would come up and embrace him.

For could they have forseen that this idol of the Russians would return to his country — a hero To be given a Broadway "ticker-tape" reception. To be presented to the President in the White House. To be honoured with a scroll for "distinguished and exceptional service".

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