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из Аракина, 3 курс:

- “The Apple-Tree” by Galsworthy

- “The Happy Man” by Maugham

из Аракина, 4 курс:

- “Doctor in the House” by Gordon

- “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

- From "W.S.” by Hartley

- “The Lumber-Room” by Munro

из Аракина, 5 курс:

- “The Passionate Year” by Hilton

- “The Escape” by Maugham

А также:

- "The Forsyte Saga" by Galsworthy (And, motionless, old Jolyon stared at the wall)

- "The Forsyte Saga" by Galsworthy (Soames regained his composure)

- "The Man of Property" by Galsworthy (Chapter 5. A Forsyte Menage)

- “Eveline” by Joyce

- "A Very Short Story" by Hemingway

- "Cat in the Rain" by Hemingway

- "Pride and Prejudice" by Austen (Chapter 5. "Within a short walk of Longbourn...")

- "The Quiet American" by Greene ("Words came over the wireless and we went on in silence..)

-"The Quiet American" by Greene ("When I came out it was nearly half past eleven...)

- “No News from Auschwitz” by Rosenthal. Essay
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